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Simple Basket Hack Has People Wondering Why They Never Thought Of It Before

This is perfect for anyone who needs a little help stay organized.

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For some of us, our brains just don't work linearly. It's especially true for folks who are bearing the brunt of the mental load at home. In between soccer practice, grocery store runs, and doctor's appointments, they're running at such a high speed, it's almost impossible to keep up with. The thing that tends to "suffer" the most? House keeping. When you live with mini tornadoes and your brain is overwhelmed, it can feel impossible to keep up with. It's why we need systems and ways to make it more manageable.

The systems don't have to be fancy date books or elaborate white boards. It can be something that's more of a visual cue, which makes this basket hack so genius.


Jordan, a TikToker (@house.becomoes.home) who specializes in simple home hacks, came up with the idea to put baskets to work around the home. 

"Place a basket in your laundry room and use as a donation basket. Empty out once a week," she suggests. "Place a basket at the foot of the stairs or landing, and throw items That need to go upstairs in it throughout the day. Saves you making trips up and down the stairs."

Followers were impressed with the simple brilliance of it.

"I’m definitely doing this," wrote one user. "Usually I just leave a pile at the bottom 2 steps and carry it up when I go up but a basket…it’s pretty"

Plus, it also is a great way to get the other folks in your house with getting onboard with keeping the house organized. A teenager might roll their eyes at having to go all the way upstairs, but really, what are they going to say about tossing a jacket or shoes in the basket?