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Woman Converts Woven Basket Into The Most Adorable Planter

She uses a trash bag and floss to get the job done...

Plants are typically some of the best décor pieces to add to your home. Whether you have them inside, outside or both, plants can really make a home feel more cozy, calm and can overall provide a cool aesthetic, especially when you hang your lush plants from the ceiling or jazz them up with some cute planters.

Unique cement planters and terracotta pots are always nice options, but after seeing this TikTok video featuring a beautiful woven basket-turned-planter created by, we’re sold on adding this to our planter collection!


The planter turned out so cute! We love how she used every day household items such as a heavy duty trash bag and dental floss to convert this minimally-designed basket into a beautiful planter. The final look on her porch was so cute and complemented her other plants so well! Since it’ll be used outside, she used a sealant to protect the basket from the different elements of the weather. And if you’re wondering why she chose to use dental floss for this DIY, it’s because it’s stronger than the thread she had at home, so depending on the type of thread you have, you can still easily recreate this DIY.

Her followers were just as impressed with this DIY as we are. “Love it. Brilliant idea,” @kimknoxthurn wrote. “So pretty. Nice Work,” @motivatedspaces commented. “How are you this creative?! You are incredible,” @travel_chic wrote.

We foresee an influx of DIYers rushing to Target to recreate this DIY for their home and we don’t blame them!