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Woman Transforms Ceiling Fan Blades Into Bat wings

It’s frickin’ bats.

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If your home is a little older, like from the 1950s, it probably came with a ceiling fan in either just one- or multiple rooms. And if that's the case, cleaning off the dust of them can be quite challenging. While you can't make them dust-proof, you can at least change their appearance to something cool, like angel wings or batwings.

TikTok account The Mad Dollar did exactly that and customized her ordinary ceiling blades to batwings. Let's check it out! 

How cool is this? Also somewhat creepy, but it definitely adds character to the room. 

Dracula would so appreciate this.

She basically removed the blades, created a template of the actual blade size, and then used a stencil for the wing. She then placed it back on the blade, cut the wing out, and painted them black.

Lastly, the blades were reattached to the ceiling fan on an angle, and tada batwings!

Believe me, when I tell you that people on TikTok loved this idea as well, but some also had some questions about if this works as well as a regular fan, which it does - according to the creator.

This person (@_miuzyka_) commented,

"My friend and I just thought of a "biblically accurate ceiling fan" with angel wings, and turning the lights Into eyes."

That's pretty cool, actually.

Another TikToker (@amethystpanda5) posted,

"Omg that turned out so good!"

Indeed, it did. And it's super easy to replicate. 

And this person @pattielivesina_van wrote,


I do too, but I am okay with not having a ceiling fan, as I had some weird experiences having one.

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