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Mom’s Anti-Mold Bath Toy Hack Is a Life-Saver

Say goodbye to tossing out toys.

So if you are a parent, or have had to be around kids during bathtime, you have likely had to deal with bath toys. And I am not just talking plastic ducks or those cool Crayons you can use on the bath walls and scrub off later, but rather those toys that are taken into the bathtub regularly. You might have a basket under the sink for them, or they might be left in the bathtub to dry out, but they are there to be played with while getting the kiddo cleaned up. However, one unfortunate side effect is that they often hang onto the water, and we all know that sitting water left in small, dark spaces can grow the dreaded m-word: mold.

But one mom-hacker has turned us on to a simple trick that could help rid us of moldy bath toys for good.


Mom-hack aficionado Xaveria Russel (xpickens19) points out that most toys, especially bath toys, have a small hole on the bottom from which water is supposed to drain. However, that tiny hole usually does not drain all the water, especially if the toy has weird angles or crevices. Just picture that favorite rubber ducky and how you could shake it days after a bath and still hear water sloshing inside. Now imagine all that water and just how much of a breeding ground for mold that can become.

Xaveria’s trick is simple: close up the hole with some hot glue! The glue helps keep the water from getting inside; no water inside means you do not need to worry about mold! This hack is great for toys that cannot be pulled apart and cleaned, which seems to be a good number of bath toys.

There are many parents who are leaving their thanks in the comments for this great hack, though a few are worried their children might pick off the hot glue. Others are regretting all the bath toys they’ve thrown away, while several more are sharing excellent links to other pull-apart toys that could also make bath time a little less worrisome (even if it might mean more work in the end.)

So what do you think; handy hack or bathtime fail?