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Mom Shares Her Essential Hack for Cleaning a Bathroom In a House Full of Boys

Bleach is your new BFF.

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Cleaning the bathroom, or even cleaning in general, can be a tough and laborious process, especially if you aren’t living alone and tidying up after only yourself. Now picture having to do so after a bunch of boys. A bunch of boys who aren’t quite old enough to clean up after themselves, meaning that the bathroom gets quite icky after only a short period of time.

Luckily we’ve got one mama who has come up with one quick and easy solution to help you out on your cleaning journey!


BayouDoll from TikTok has a few boys living in her house and, like many boys, these kiddos don’t exactly know how to aim (if you know what we are talking about!) That leaves the bathroom, especially the toilet area, quite a mess. But luckily Ms. Bayou knows the exact solution that doesn’t involve dunking the entire toilet in a bucket of bleach!

Instead, simply get your bleach mixture and put it in a bottle with a needle nose tip. That way you aren’t spraying every surface area with bleach, and there’s less scrubbing and cleanup for you! You can just add the mixture exactly where you need it, let it sit there for a bit to really dig into those stains and spills, then wipe it away! This not only makes it easier to clean up, but it also helps prevent the entire room from smelling overwhelmingly of bleach!

Now, you could take a page from many, many commenter’s books and add a drain in the middle of your bathroom too! Then all you have to do is bleach the entire thing and hose it down like you would something outside! It might not be as attractive, but it sure would make things a little bit easier! Others also suggest adding shaving cream to your cleaning routine as it will help break down overwhelming smells while also cleaning at the same time!