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Woman Transforms Bathroom Floors With Renter-Friendly DIY Hack

This is perfect for trying out new flooring on a budget.

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Until you're in your own space, you really don't full grasp how much it costs to maintain it and curtail it to your own personal style. It's why so many folks get into doing DIY, and why in particular they share it on social media. No one wants other home owners or renters to suffer as they did! And the truth is while investing in quality, long lasting renovations to the home is always a smart decision, sometimes it's just not in budget. So people get creative, and this one budget DIYer cracked to code on updating tiled floors in her bathroom without using new tiles.

Enter: Vinyl stickers. 


Block by block she applies vinyl stickers and uses a paper cutter to trim them. She then smoothes them over and the adhere perfectly to them, and she compares it to "wrapping a car." The mom is a budget DIYer at heart, so she has tried this method with both anti-slip vinyl stickers and contact paper. While she says both methods have their merits, she is a bigger fan of the vinyl and will likely be sticking with that for future projects.

Ultimately, people wanted to know exactly how it holds up with cleaning and humidity from the bathroom in general. While she promised to update followers, she did say that because the flooring is plastic, which makes it easy to clean and isn't as susceptible to water damage. 

While it isn't the only solution for updating a space, it certainly helps to have a budget friendly solution to make their space feel more like home!