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Give Your Plain Bathroom Mirror A Builder-Level Upgrade With This Simple Hack

The final result is absolutely stunning.

I’m a big fan of home makeover shows. One of my favorite parts of the remodeled home’s final reveal is the kitchen and bathroom, simply because I appreciate the amount of detail that’s typically put into the cabinets, lighting and countertops.

Of course, we all are that renovations can get pretty costly so starting off with smaller upgrades to help stay within a certain budget is a great idea considering that doing something as simple as upgrading the bathroom mirror can easily add a spice up your space.

Knowing this, TikTok DIY aficionado @HoneydoHoney_Home did just that when she took this simple bathroom mirror DIY and knocked it out of the park with this cheap upgrade!


Rather than swapping out the mirror with an expensive replacement, she used the mirror she already owned and purchased screen molding strips from her local department store for less than one dollar per foot! She then cut them to the size she wanted to use for the mirror and painted them black. She then applied Elmer’s Multi-purpose Glue-All directly to the mirror and held the strips down tight until they dried to the mirror, which surprisingly didn’t take too long!

TikTok user @bobbibarret1 commented “Such a simple & effective solution. Love it!”

We love that this simple transformation is giving West Elm modern mirror vibes, but for a fraction of the cost!