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DIY Renovator Shares What Didn’t last With Her $200 Bathroom Redo

We appreciate the honesty

We all love transforming a room and giving it a beautiful makeover, whether we hire professionals to do the job for us or opt to do it ourselves. While it’s a lot more fun to DIY our room renovations when capable, it’s also a lot of hard work involved, especially when the first attempt didn’t hold up like you thought it would and you have to go back and redo what didn’t last.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @rusticrosehomestead, whose account is primarily dedicated to sharing affordable DIY transformations with her followers. Recently, she uploaded a mini video series to her account titled “What held up and what didn’t,” in which she shares an update of what she will have to redo after completing a $200 bathroom makeover over two years ago. Check out the start of what she had to redo in the quick introduction video below.


The first thing that didn’t hold up in her DIY bathroom makeover was the countertops. Over the last two years, they discolored and chipped since she used an appliance epoxy rather than a two-part epoxy system which she claims is way more durable. For an added effect to the plain white countertops, she painted faux marble veining using gray paint, a couple of paint brushes and a sponge before adding the epoxy.

The other correction she needed to make to her $200 bathroom makeover is fixing the chipped floor in which she used interior paint and sealer that unfortunately didn’t hold up. To fix this, she sanded the floor, cleaned it and plans to paint it with a more durable paint that should last.

We can’t wait to see the finished look of this project redo!