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Woman Transforms Her Dated Shower Door Into a Modern Masterpiece

Can't afford a trendy, expensive shower door? This hack is perfect for you.

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The truth is, you don't have to do big, expensive changes to mix things up in your home. A new pillow here, a refreshed color palette there, and sprinkle of new table top décor can totally transform a home. But in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, changes don't feel as significant unless they are huge. But there are subtle remodeling things you can do to really make a space pop without breaking the bank.

On woman on TikTok was sick of her dated shower door. But considering the look she really wants can cost anywhere from $600-$1,000 or more, she wasn't ready to fork that over. So she came up with this brilliant hack. 


I mean, pretty flawless right? The material list is also totally budgeable, and gets pretty creative. First she gathered primed wood window trim and hit it with a Rustoleum high heat spray paint color in BBQ black. She measured and cut out her design using a saw and created the illusion of panels by Gorilla gluing them to the shower door and holding them in place with blue painters tape.

The end result is so gorgeous and will have hopefully saved her a lot of money in the long run.