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This Backyard Has a “Beach” and It’s a Great Idea For Folks Who Need a Little Coastal Living Inland

Dig your toes in the sand any time you want!

It’s five o’clock somewhere - and that somewhere can be the beach, or even your backyard if you play your cards right!

In fact, we have already seen many a backyard turned into the perfect oasis. Some with beautiful tile being put down in the center of lush grass, others involving rows and rows of flowers forming a hedge around the exterior, or even a beautiful hideaway perfect for a small family who just want to get away from the world. Today we take a gander at one couple’s inventive ‘beach backyard’ transformation!


Chels Lauren’s parents are, admittedly, pretty darn cool. At least from our perspective, they are! Why? Because they have an entire beach hideaway in their backyard, making it the perfect spot to get away to the beach without taking a trip or being surrounded by other beachgoers.

We get a great pan over the area, showing off the sand that now coats the area, perfectly mimicking the beachy asthetic, surrounded by flat garden rocks and even green and growing flowers and lush grasses! It really is bringing us ‘tropical’ vibes, and we can’t get enough of it!

A backyard fire pit, some cabana-esque umbrellas and sitting areas, tiki torches, and even some loungers really help finish off the look. But there is even more! As Chels likes to tell us, there are even three mini ponds scattered throughout the area to add some water features to the backyard beach!

Now, Chels does let us know in the comments that it does take quite a bit of upkeep! Her parent’s live in a snowy area, so after every winter the entire area has to be reraked, cleaned, and more sand added, making this not the project for those who don’t have the time (or money!) It also may not be the best idea if you have a bunch of cats running around, as you might find that your beachy backyard has turned into an accidental litterbox!