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This Mom’s Genius Hack For Keeping Kids Sand-Free At the Beach Is a Game-Changer

Because who says you have to bring the beach with you when you go home?

If you’re anything like me, you love heading out to the beach. Sun, surf, and a good time with family and friends; what isn’t there to love? Sand. Sand is what most of us do not enjoy, and one of the many reasons we've come up with so many genius tips and tricks just for heading out to the beach.  That is why we are so grateful to one mom and her easy super-hack for keeping sand off your kiddos’ feet and out of your vehicle.


Lucky for us, this mom hack is both simple and cheap. Sanity-saving mom Lauren Clutter shows us how, with just two items, we too can magically whisk away the sand from the feet of children everywhere. (If only it worked that well on mud, paint, or anything else they get into.)

So next time you head to the beach, grab a sock and some baby powder, and you will have your ready-made sand-be-gone set up. I was just simply amazed at this hack and, like many in the comments, almost didn’t believe it could be that easy!

As one commenter said, “I’m Lauren, I’m a genius, follow so I can save you 9 billion headaches.” Another referred to how many of us had parents who just “violently brushed it off with a towel,” bringing back more than a few memories for many of us!

Regardless, this is one hack I will surely pack in my beach-going bag this summer! Do you know any other easy beach tips and tricks?