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Woman Makes Gorgeous Beaded Lamp Anyone Could Do

It’s so simple, yet so pretty!

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Are you crafty? Are you looking for a way to add some color and texture to your house? If so, I have just the thing for you! This DIY project is easy enough that even beginners can do it. And if you're not an expert crafter, don't worry—I'll walk through each step and show you how to do it with little hassle.

Plenty of folks loved this woman's ingenuity and creativity. And others just had to know where she sourced some of her unique beads.

"Why can’t i have normal cute niche hobbies? I just rot." @nessa

"Where’d you get those peace sign beads? They are so cute." @Gabby

And still others had some great suggestions to really enhance the vintage, retro vibe of this DIY, upcycle lampshade.

"You should buy one of the stained glass light bulbs from target. It’d look so cute with this!!" @ok

First, you need to find or repurpose old beads. The best place to look is thrift stores and yard sales. You can also save your own when cleaning out your jewelry box—ensure they're clean and in good condition before stringing them onto the wire. 

Once you have your beads, remove any fabric from the lampshade frame by cutting it away with scissors. 

Then attach each strand of beads around the perimeter of the frame using a glue gun (or superglue if you don't have one). For added effect, add some glittery jewels or rhinestones to create a sparkly masterpiece!

Making your own DIY project can be a fun and rewarding way to make anything fit your personal aesthetic.

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