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Girlfriend Gives Boyfriend’s Bedroom a Grown Up Makeover and It Turns Out So Cool

She’s a keeper man!
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It's quite rare that guys take to their own remodel in their personal space, and if the space is shared a remodel is typically only accomplished through the asking, begging, and wanting of a wife, girlfriend, or partner.

Typically guys would rather spend their energy on other things than remodeling their own personal bedrooms. Loving girlfriend and TikToker @bellanalise remodeled her boyfriend's room for Christmas when he was out of town, without making major changes she kept it similar to how he had it but gave it a sophisticated makeover.

Her boyfriend's room resembles the typical mid 20 year olds rooms; posters, a wall filled with a sneaker display, along with a few sporting ball caps, a gaming system and chair, walls painted the same color they have always been, and a chunky bed frame.

The woman first takes down all of the posters and wall art, moves out the sneaker display and pulls everything away from the walls. She then primes the entire room with a white paint, covering the previously green walls. Next the woman paints the walls a pretty light gray that's sophisticated.

She re-makes her boyfriend's sneaker wall but in a much better way; replacing the plastic bins with a gorgeous wooden display frame. She places a new sleek bed frame in the room and straightens up his t.v stand and desk area.

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