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These Are the Plants You Need In Your Bedroom to Embody Proper Feng Shui

Just what you need to invite the good energy in

Ah, the beauty of having plants in your home. But not only are plants beautiful to look at and serve as great décor options to have in your space, but some plants are also great air purifiers, they can be therapeutic to care for and help relieve stress and can also help embody proper feng shui in your home.

If this is something you’re interested in — we don’t blame you! Take a look at this TikTok video from “The Feng Shui Plant Lady” (@fengshuiplant_clara) that details what plants to include in your personal space.

To our surprise, having a ton of plants in your bedroom is bad feng shui; this is important to note because your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation and romance and not much of anything else. So if you want to still incorporate some beautiful green plants into your personal space, it’s just as important to note what plants you should accept into your space.

Here are a few good ones to include in your bedroom:

The first plant is Whale Fin — it’s a beautiful single leaf plant that looks identical to the fin of a whale (hence, the name) and is known to protect you from negative energy. The next plant is Marble Queen Pothos — this leafy green plant helps cleans up bad energy. Scindapsus Pothos is a gorgeous plant that is believed to increase your love vibe. Next on the list is N Joy Pothos which increases your joy vibe. Lastly, the ZZ Money Tree is said to bring good fortune and is only necessary if you do a financial check often.

Again, the main thing you want to keep in mind here is to not go overboard with the plants in your bedroom and to be mindful of what you allow.

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