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Man Derives Easiest Way to Get a Bee Out of the House Without Killing It

It’s so simple yet so genius!

For most people, whenever we spot an insect in our home, we’re quick to try and get rid of it by any means necessary. While there are some DIY remedies to stop certain pests and insects in their tracks (and potentially get rid of them for good), some remedies don’t work for all insects and besides that, some insects are extremely beneficial to keep around, anyway.

Bees, in particular, are important to keep around considering they’re pollinators that help provide food such as fruits, berries, nuts and of course, honey; and because they’re constantly moving pollen between plants, it helps the plants fertilize and reproduce, which result in the growth and quality of vegetation.

Now this may not be news everyone knows, but we imagine TikTok content creator @sveggun may have already been keen on this given how many bees and wasps he saves regularly. He’s practically a professional with this simple method he uses. And guess what? You can be a pro at saving the bees, too!


Armed with an empty and slightly-opened tiny matchbox, he walks up to the window where the bee is buzzing around and captures the bee with the open end of the matchbox before simply closing it in. Next, he simply walks outside, slides the matchbox open and allows the bee to “free” itself by flying away.

This is so genius! It’s way easier to do this method than attempting to capture a bee with a glass and a sheet of paper as some of his followers mentioned in the comments.

We love how he’s benefiting the environment by working smarter and not harder to keep the bees alive!