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You Can Put a Cute (and Functional) Apothecary In Your Kitchen

Anyone can create one.

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The kitchen is the heart of anyone's home. It's where we gather, cook and eat together, and—if you're into vitamins and supplemental health—take your supplements every morning. I've always been a huge fan of apothecaries for their gorgeous design, but they're usually relegated to bathrooms or living rooms. 

We love this DIY project that turns those precious glass jars into something functional: an apothecary for your kitchen! It's easy to do yourself with clear glass jars and your favorite herbs or supplements (or both!).

People were delighted by the usefulness this cozy little apothecary hack brings.

"What a perfect idea! I might have to steal it!" @AngiesEnchantedForest

"Genius idea! I did this with my all my teas and culinary herbs. Cooking is like making potions." @Generic Name 

"I love the idea but just want to add that colored or brown glass would be better, as supplements should be shielded from sunlight to keep better." @Ragna

We love the extra bit of insight about keeping our supplements out of direct sunlight. The best part about this DIY is that you can pick whatever glass bottles you want, color, shape, and size.

You have it: the best, most adorable apothecary for your kitchen. Adding flowers, photos of your loved ones, and maybe even some little succulents to make this container even more special.

You can make a cute apothecary for your kitchen with any glass container. Just be sure to clean the jar thoroughly before using it in your apothecary. You'll want to remove any stickers and labels, but don't worry—you can save those! You can use them as labels on the jars when they're in use.

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