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Food scarcity and insecurity is a very real thing in America. In times of turmoil, people often look to growing their own greens and fruits, but sometimes lack the space and know how. In reality getting a veggie garden started of things you already know you love isn't has hard as it sounds. In fact, you can use scraps from your grocery purchases to start them and maintain them right in your kitchen,

TikTokers @backyardgrowth is an expert in propagation, germination, and planting for beginners. She offers her followers an array of tips on how to get a beginner started, and perhaps one of her most fascinating tricks is growing from her kitchen scraps.

She begins by showing folks how to propagate, or root, a stalk of romaine lettuce. She instructs people to  chop off the bottom, stick it bottom side down in a cup of water. put it in a sunny spot and "watch it grow." Once there is roots, she plants it in one of her pots and enjoys regrown lettuce. 

There are plenty of videos on her account that show beginners how to have a successful harvest, and educating people on making the best decisions for their temperature zones. All in all being a kitchen farmer is a pretty efficient and fun way to feed your family. Starting with low risk veggies like romaine lettuce helps see if it's the right choice for you!