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Woman Hangs Long Picture Frame Shelf Behind Her Couch as a Brilliant Storage Solution

This is a great solution to managing clutter.

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Have you ever looked at a space that could be a little more organized, but didn't know how to make it happen? You're not alone.

We get it. Very few rooms are completely rectangular, so we inevitably have those odd gaps in our walls where the furniture doesn't quite fit. Maybe there's a window or radiator that leaves a gap behind it, or maybe your couch isn't quite as wide as the wall behind it. Either way, you've probably noticed that these spaces make for good storage opportunities—but what to put there?

Enter: the picture frame shelf! It's just an empty shelf You can use one upside down and behind your couch or chair to store magazines and books, or maybe even some decorative items like vases and candles. The great part of this trick is that when people look at your home, they'll think you're so cleverly using space wisely—when you're just being lazy by not getting up from your seat to find something else to put there!

The trick involves using a long picture frame shelf (you can buy one online), and attaching it to the wall in an unusual position—upside down. This hack is a great way to store your books, movies, games, and toys. It's also a subtle way to keep things tidy without being obvious.

And that’s how you get organized! As with all of our hacks, the best part about this one is that it looks like an ordinary shelf. The only difference between this one and a regular one is that it can store your stuff when you need extra storage space—without making any permanent changes to your home. So go ahead and give this trick a try in your living room or bedroom!