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Woman Claims She’s Found the BEST Faux Candles

They do look super real!

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Halloween might be around the corner but you still have time to deck out your home with some cool decor, such as this DIY skull chandelier. If you decide to create a chandelier - or not - candles are most certainly needed for a Halloween night, as they add a certain aesthetic. However, you also don't want to risk burning down your home, so you need some faux candles that are real looking. 

TikToker Kristyn Cole (@kristyncole) claims in her video that she has found the best faux real-looking candles perfect for Halloween or any goth party. Let's check them out.


These are so cool! The dripping wax definitely makes them look like real candles and the fact that they are in black. If they were white, they might look real only from a distance. The great part about them is they are coated in real wax, are battery operated, come with two remote controls, and a timer, and you can even set the flames to make them flicker. Another bonus point is that they come with rubber bottoms, which means they would fit in any average candle holder, so you don't have to worry about them falling out.

These are called "5plots dripless taper candles," and a box of six goes for around $42 on Amazon, which is honestly a great deal! Also, they are safe, last a long time, and are great for your wallet.

We love this Amazon find!