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BFFs Who Live In the Same Apartment Building Have a Unique Way of Sharing Coffee Creamer

With BFF's like this, who needs to leave the house?

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We can appreciate having good neighbors. Perhaps the only thing greater than having a great neighbor is when that person is also your best friend. On the occasion this happens, it’s likely that your best friend is basically your “live-in” grocery store in the event you run out of something and rather than get dressed and head to the grocery store to pick up said item, you can just go to your best friend instead.

Such is the case with TikTok user @awillygirl also referred to on TikTok as “ur favorite upstairs neighbor.” When her best friend and downstairs neighbor ran out of creamer for her coffee, she phoned her best friend who happily poured creamer in her coffee in the most unique way.


In the video, rather than simply meet with each other briefly to hand each other the creamer or possibly toss the creamer container over the balcony to her best friend, @awillygirl opens the creamer and attempts to pour the beverage from her balcony into her best friend/downstairs neighbor’s coffee cup. Surprisingly, her aim was pretty impressive considering majority of the creamer made it into the cup.

With over 14 million views on the viral video that was just posted to her account two days ago, it’s evident her people loved their unique way of sharing the coffee creamer amongst other food items