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Woman’s Idea for a Perfect, Clutter-Free Housewarming Gift Is Genius

It’s simple, but super useful.

Most of us like giving, or getting, gifts. Whether it is seeing a little kid’s face light up on their birthday or at Christmas, or gathering at a friend’s house to celebrate a new kid or a new house, gifts are often a big part of all of that. But you know what is left over after all the gifting is done? A lot of mess.

One way to avoid that would be to not gift things, or to use minimal packaging, but what if you also gave gifts that landed on the practical side of things? That way they didn’t clutter up the house and actually benefited the giftee!


Our video today comes from Jaime, the OrganizedLifeCoach on TikTok, and her whole thing is in covering helpful life hacks and organizing home tips. These are all little things that we can use in our everyday lives, but that we can also use to benefit those around us, like this housewarming gifting tip!

Her suggestion for a gift that doesn’t create more clutter than is necessary is to gift something that is needed by just about every new homeowner - high end cleaning supplies. And no, high end doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be overly expensive either. Just gather a set of something a little nicer than you might buy for yourself, bundle it all up together, and bring it with you!

Think about it - everyone needs cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, surface and glass cleaners, etc. Additionally, how often are these supplies forgotten about in the rush to move in? These supplies mean that the new homeowner doesn’t have to rush to the store for last minute cleaning supplies and that can actually be used time and time again!

Of course if the person you are giving the gift to really, really doesn’t like to clean then maybe don’t push cleaning supplies in their face.