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Celebrate 'May the 4th' With Star Wars Products Fit For Your Home

Read on to see the best Star Wars deals and new home product releases.

It's finally May the 4th — AKA Star Wars Day — and there's a lot to celebrate whether you're a rebel or a member of the First Order. And here we're going to break out our lightsaber to show off our top picks across new home items and see some deep discounts.

Homesick Candles

Whether you wish you could visit Endor, catch a duel sunset on Tatooine or run the halls of The Death Star (pre-attack, of course), Homesick is bringing a scent-filled adventure to your home. Launching in honor of Star Wars Day, the popular candle maker has three new options that are fit regardless of which side you fall on.

The Endor candle not only comes in a themed box with Ewoks, Lei, Han Solo, and AT-ST, but it just might make Ewoks appear in your home with scents of wild ferns and pine needles over moss. Want to venture to the dark side or maybe for a heroic fight? Light up The Death Star candle to be dropped in the action with smoked amber, leather sandalwood, and forge steel hints. Last but certainly not least is the Tatooine candle which will put you at ease as you roam the sandy dunes at sunset. All three are up for order now at $44.

And if you have a vehicle, you need to pick up a Baby Yoda (AKA Grogu) air freshener, which won’t just keep it smelling fine but will also have the loveable creature protecting your car through the force. This freshener costs just $12 and can effortlessly be hung from your mirror or affixed to your vehicle.

Lego Star Wars Dioramas

What better way to decorate your bedroom, living room, or office than with a classic scene from Star Wars? And what if it brought you the adventure of building it? That's precisely what Lego's three latest diorama sets accomplish.

The Dagobah Jedi Training takes you back to a critical moment, complete with Yoda, Luke, part of an X-Wing, and R2-D2, along with quite the scenery. You'll even get the classic "Do or Do Not" quote right on the front. It's $79.99 from Lego and Amazon with 1,000 pieces.

If you're a fan of "A New Hope," we'd recommend the Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama for $89.99 at Lego. It's only 802 pieces, but you'll build the compactor, layout the trash, and get multiple Minifigures. Leia, Han, Chewie, and Luke are all included. And if you'd instead get an action-packed scene outside of the Death Star, you can't go wrong with the Trench Run for $59.99 at Lego and Amazon. You'll build the detailed exterior of the ship, an X-Wing, and three Tie Fighters.

Star Wars 3D Illusion Decorative Lights ($14.99, originally $19.99;

star wars 3d lights

Want to light up your space with a dose of Star Wars? Pick from the likes of Darth Vader, R2-D2, the Death Star or even the Millennium Falcon and have it recreated with lights. These 3D lights not only function great in bedrooms to light up the night but also work great as accents in any given space.


May is “Mental Health Awareness” and while Star Wars can be an escape, it can also be a tool to help destress and reduce anxiety — in your home or while out and about. Launching on May the 4th, is a way to “Find Your Force” within the Headspace app with Star Wars themed breathing exercises and soundscapes. The former will have the likes of Yoda and BB-8 leading you through deep breathing, while the latter will take you through Star Wars tales. Headspace costs $12.99 a month, but right now you can get 30 days for free here.

Erin Condren

erin condren star wars

This desk organization set contains four pieces and is built from clear acrylic plastic. You get a cup fit for pencils — or mini lightsabers — two trays and letter sorter. Better yet, they’re carved with famous faces and ships from Star Wars. This four piece set is just $24.

Funko Pops

mandalorian funko pop

Looking for a simple way to add a touch of your favorite fandom to your desk, kitchen, living room or even bedroom? A Funko Pop is really the perfect piece thanks to there relatively small size and ways to showcase your favorite characters and moments from across the galaxy. Better yet, they’re discounted.

  • Mandalorian Holding The Child Pop ($8.78, originally $11.99;
  • The Rise of Skywalker Ep. 9 Rey with 2 LightSabers ($8.66, originally $11.99;
  • Boba Fett ($8.39, originally $11.99;

Prices are accurate and items in stock at time of publishing.