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People Are Super impressed With This Woman's Trick For Cleaning 'Crusty' Window Sills

This simple ingredient is a dirt game-changer.

When it comes to deep cleaning our homes, we either have our tried-and-true cleaning product that works on just about everything, or we’re on an intense hunt for one. If you’re in the latter category, here’s a #cleantok video to help you.

TikToker @reallygoodinfluencer posted this amazing saving grace of a video that shows how to clean the wood around the painted window seal - you know that stubborn area we sometimes neglect to clean and when we get around to it, we remember why we don’t clean it often because it’s almost impossible to clean thoroughly - yeah, that area.


Calling this “The Landlord Special,” she gathers her small list of ingredients - a toothbrush, a scrub brush, a cup of hot water and the secret weapon - Bar Keeper’s Friend.

She then proceeds to sprinkle a few lines of Bar Keeper’s Friend across the window seal, grabs the toothbrush that’s already been dabbed in the cup of hot water and taps it into one of the lines of the cleaning product before scrubbing the typical hard-to-reach areas. Afterwards, she took the scrub brush to clean over the entire area before repeating the process again to ensure the dirt is out of there.

While the proof is in the video, some TikTok users warned others to be safe while doing this cleaning method. “They are painting over mold. That’s not dirt. It’s mold. Be careful!,” says TikTok user @Alex.

Another TikTok user @Fay further advised “Also probably wear a mask because sometimes it’s mold hunniiesss.”

With phenomenal results like this, I’d still proceed…with caution of course.

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