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Woman Makes Big Comfy Chair Out of Twin Bed Ex Left Her

That looks so comfortable

As the old adage says “all good things come to an end,” and while that may ring true, it’s not always the case depending on the circumstances. As a matter of fact, sometimes it can be quite the opposite and good things can come out of something coming to an end.

Or at least that’s what it appears to be in this video posted by TikTok content creator Julia of @swagmoneycentral69. Recently, she uploaded a two-part video series showing her audience how she transformed a twin bed that her ex left her into a giant chair and it’s pretty epic.


Using a screw driver, a hammer, some nails and wood slats, she created her desired shape that she wanted to have with the big chair. After establishing the shape and piecing everything together, she placed a black cloth over the wooden frame and proceeded to finish the simple DIY by placing the twin-sized mattress onto the wooden frame. Finally, we see a peaceful-looking DIYer plopping down onto the comfortable finished project sipping a beverage out of her mug while reading a book.

We love the final result and especially love how many of her viewers took to the comments to share their support as well as a few tips. “This seems like one of the best ways to heal a breakup,” @katherinevillada26 wrote. “Add triangular supports from the bottom of the leg to the side of the chair if you want some stability,” @angryomnivore commented. “Definitely need a support in the middle,” another TikTok user wrote, in which the creator responded “I think we all need a little support.”

Hopefully her DIY project helps her feel a little better.