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Husband Takes Bird Poop Prank On Wife A Bit Too Far

But honestly? It was totally #worthIt.

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Listen, life is a stressful endeavor. Working, raising families, staying healthy, it is all worth it in the end but it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't get somewhat tedious. The solution to getting through it all is pretty simple: Laughter. And when you've got a partner that plays as hard as they work, well, you'll never be in short supply of it.

Of course, having a playful partner has its draw backs. While they certainly put a smile on your face, they might make you a little mad in the process. We are sure that's how this woman feels after her husband pulled a hilarious (albeit kind of gross) bird poop prank on her. 


As she was sweeping outside, her husband was watching form the upstairs window. He then took a healthy handful of mayo and splattered her with it twice, making her think she was covered in bird poop. As she makes her way inside she goes to tell him that the birds laid a few big ones on her, when he husband takes his finger and dips into one of the "poop" gobs and eats it.

"Hm, tastes like mayo," he casually says as his wife wretches from thinking he just tasted bird poo. 

Of course this isn't his first rodeo and playfully teasing his wife, but commentators who have been following along for some time agreed this was his best one yet.

Here's to hoping his wife exacts swift and just revenge.