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This $25 Renovation Will Transform Your House

Seriously the entire vibe changes...

Sometimes all you need is a vision, some paint, and a paintbrush to change the vibe of your home. You don't even have to go all out but you could create an accent wall, for example, to give a room in your home some character. The best part is, it doesn't even have to cost that much either. 

Like the song goes by The Rolling Stones "Paint it black," this TikTok creator @rowanthroughlife did exactly that and shares how she changed the vibe of her home with just one simple hack. 


Black never looked that good! The paint used in the video is the color tricorn black by Sherwin Williams and this fun DIY project was around $25! That's pretty affordable, as it could be used for more than one door. It gives it a clean and simple yet expensive-looking contrast with the white frame and the milky green color, which is also by Sherwin Williams and is called evergreen fog. It is also perfect for fall, as the colors are somewhat earthy. It might not be everyone's favorite, as the comment section suggests but many love that transformation and admitted they also gave their home a dark makeover. Maybe it's because Halloween is approaching and some people feel a strong desire to explore the darker side when it comes to choosing a paint color. Depending on your living situation and your vibe, other colors that pop - such as red - would also work, but maybe it would drive some folks a little crazy.

Either way, not only is this hack affordable but it's also easy to accomplish.