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Couple Paints Their Entire Living Room Black and It Looks So Good

They saw beige and had to paint it black.

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If you've been on the hunt for a new apartment, you know the options are endless. With so many spaces to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start — especially if you're looking for apartments with black walls. However, one couple has proven that black walls in a living room space can look stunning.

If you haven't noticed, all-white rooms are losing their appeal. Homeowners and renters alike are embracing the darker side. Why? Well, while white can be a neutral color that's clean and bright, it can also be boring—and sometimes sterile or harsh. Black is dramatic and richly saturated with character; it adds an understated elegance to spaces without feeling over-the-top or overwhelming.

The comments said it for us. Painting it black is not just an '90s goth kid aesthetic thing anymore.

"Gorgeous, classy. I love black rooms and black clothing it’s just so rich." @Maggy Love

"Gorgeous; can’t wait to see it decorated!!!!!" @user905472662666

Others (like use) were just satisfied with a solid painting job. "Finally, somebody who knows how to takeoff a plate cover before they paint. Good job." @Dragonsfirepottery

The final product is so striking that we're willing to bet they'll never return to white walls again. Not only does it give the room a dark, dramatic vibe, but it also allows for some fun accent colors—like those bright red pillows!

The black walls offer a great backdrop for all sorts of furniture. The couple was able to fill the space with lots of color and texture without being overwhelmed by busy patterns or bold pops of color that may have been too much in other rooms.

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