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The Before and After of This Plant Wall Shows What a Huge Difference a Subtle Change Makes

Plant parents, this is your sign to buy some black paint!

We’re always looking for creative ways to refresh the look of our home. From updating our yard landscaping to giving our laundry room a fresh redo, there are tons of DIY projects we can find on social media that not only presents us with options that are appealing to our eyes, but that also help our house stand out from the typical cookie-cutter designs.

However, it doesn’t have to necessarily be the biggest change in your home to yield the best results. Just take a look at this video from TikTok creator @djsbeercave who shows us how she took her plain plant wall and completely transformed it with black paint and a little arm power. The final look is stunning!


Isn’t it amazing how a little paint can completely change the vibe of your home? We love this black accent wall, and especially love that she adorned it with an abundance of lush green plants. It’s simply gorgeous and is different from the typical bright bohemian theme we typically see in a lot of homes.

Judging by the comments, we’re not only ones in love with hoe she styled this room in her home. “Dream house right there!!! I love it,” @amber_rose703 wrote. “The glow up is real,” @theferalcatclub commented. “It looks so much better!” @rosemarris shared.