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Woman Shares Black Tea Mopping Technique That’s Centuries Old

We never knew this was a thing!

I love tea. Besides the typical satisfying taste I enjoy, there are so many benefits of drinking tea including improving your focus and providing a boost of energy, as well as being good for your brain in general. Of course there are so many more benefits that come with consuming tea on a regular basis, so I’m not surprised when I go to the store and see some of my favorite teas are sold out. One thing I am surprised about however, is that black tea offers benefits to your home as well.

TikTok “mopping queen” @momthatlovestoclean uploaded a video sharing how black tea is probably one of the absolute best cleaners for your hardwood floors and welp, after seeing the results on her hardwood floors, I’m anxious to try it!


Wow. The hardwood floors looked so amazing afterwards! Apparently, the tannic acid cleans and adds shine to hardwood. In the video, she used a solution made up of a number of ingredients, including Dr. Bronner’s baby castle soap, baking soda, sweet orange essential oil and of course the main star of the show being black tea. According to the comments, it works. “I used the wood cleaner with black tea. I was so blown away how wonder it left my furniture shiny. i am hooked!” @acesicontreras wrote. “This is my fave floor cleaner!! Even on my laminate!” @tondietotten commented.

Thankfully, we have the ingredients and can’t wait to see the results after trying it out on our next cleaning day!