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Consider This Your Official Sign to Paint Your Trim Black

It... looks... amazing!

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Too many times we are told what to do with our houses. Don’t paint your porch in rainbow colors, don’t use that gothic aesthetic in your room, and don’t decorate your kid’s room in 70s-inspired pop culture references!

But we say - why should you listen? Why not do what makes you happy, even if it isn’t what is ‘the norm?


Kim is the owner of the DesignConfetti channel over on TikTok and her entire space is filled with home decor ideas and DIY tips. And while most of them are beloved and fit into a more traditional space, there are a few videos that have brought on a bit of ‘controversy’.

A case in point is her most recent video where she paints the trim of her house black. And we aren’t just talking about a pop of black here and there, but every bit of trim is a deep and lovely indigo-black color with hidden undertones of almost blue that look stunning in any shade of lighting.

The color itself stands out so beautifully when compared to the stark white her ceilings and wall, and it even works well with her natural wood floors! We love the contrast between all of the colors, and honestly, it is such a clean and classic look.

And while there are some commenters pointing out that this could be an issue for future owners, why should that really matter to the current owner? Whoever might be paying for the house in the future isn’t paying her bills now, and if it brings her joy to do something as simple as paint her trim black, she should totally do that!

Even Sherwin Williams (yes, THE paint manufacturer), popped in to drop their own comment on her page, giving their wholehearted blessings for her to keep doing exactly what she wanted to do!