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Man Soaks Wood In Bleach and It Has the Coolest Effect

We’d love cabinets that look like that
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There's all sorts of tip, tricks, and hacks in the world of home diy and repair, some of the most notable genius ways being cutting holes for outlets in drywall, making your own bends in pvc piping, using masking tape to create faux stairway runner rugs on stairs, or how to wire and install light fixtures the simple way.

Woodworker and TikTok user @kencraft_hardwoods posted a recent video on his channel showing us another diy hack that involves soaking bleach in wood, and the results are quite mesmerizing!

This is such a neat idea, and the final results would make some lovely cabinets! To make the bleached wood the man first takes a section of wood, places it in a pan of bleach and rotates it a few times. He then places a heavy glass object on it and lets it sit for 20 minutes. After the bleach treatment has finished the man reveals the board, its previous lighter areas have been fully stripped of its color with its darker grain staying, giving the wood a zebra look.

Now it might be hard to do an entire floor using this process- since it's time consuming and seems a bit daunting- it sure would be neat for smaller projects!

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