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Tattoo Artist Creates Stunning Artwork Using Only His Own, Real Blood

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart.

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Content Warning: This post contains images and video of real human blood.

A lot of artists claim they put their blood, sweat, and tears into the works they create, Very few of them can claim they actually use one of them as a medium. Even fewer can pull it off and make it look like a masterpiece. Tattoo artist John Oustampasidis is one of those select few.

Recently, using his own medically extracted blood, Oustampasidis created a gorgeous floral painting that is part awe-inspiring and slightly nauseating. 


It's important to note that the blood he used was medically, safely extracted and his own, so he is not working with anyone else's bodily fluids and it was retrieved sanitarily. Despite knowing all that, it is still a little jarring watching him squeeze droplets of his own blood into a palette for painting. He takes a soft tipped marker and dips it in the blood and then begins painting with it also using Q-tips to create strategically placed "drips." 

So far the artist has created several florals with mixed tones and and complex drawing methods, but may expand into different subject matters in the future. Of course, he isn't the first artist to give this medium a shot. Artist Vincent Castilgia achieves profound paintings, mostly centered around life and death, using water and blood as a medium. He himself was inspired by another artist Elito Circa who actually used blood and hair to create his famous works. 

The vibrant red fades to a rusty, earthy color that makes for a multidimensional work of art, so we can totally see why he is so keen on exploring this medium. 

Would you ever hang a blood painting in your home?