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Why Is This Woman ‘Spray Painting’ Her Husband's Feet?

It actually has a really surprising purpose!

So, it isn’t every day that we see something surprising come across our 'For You' page, and even when it does it is rarely something that we think can be of great benefit to our readers. But, we recently saw a video pop up that had many of us scratching our heads at first, before we realized exactly what was happening and just how good this home remedy could be.

So we guess the question for this video would be, would you spray paint your feet?


Okay, enough of a tease. So, we have to give a shout-out to Smitty (aka Smitty7431) over on TikTok for this one. We recently came across her video, which looks amazingly like someone spraying another person’s toes with bright purple spray paint, and it shocked us a little. We're thinking there's no way she could really be spray painting someone’s feet like that, but come to find out, there’s actually a brilliant reason behind this.

You see, what she’s spraying isn’t actually spray paint, no matter how much it might look like it. In fact the spray is a topical ointment called Blue Cote that is typically used as an antifungal on both humans and animals. Usually the ointment is applied via a small brush onto the feet, but Smitty decided to say a big NO to athlete’s foot and sprayed it liberally on her partner’s feet. While this will mean he’s got purple ‘dogs’ for a while, it is also one of the best lines of defense against issues such as athlete’s foot, a common issue with someone who wears boots frequently.

Commenters were quick to jump in, saying how well this had worked for them and where they found Blue Cote (or Gentian Violet). It also appears to be frequently used on animals to help wounds from getting infected, as well as on hot spots to ensure that they do not get worse.

So, would you walk around with purple feet if it meant not having athlete’s foot?