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This May Just Be the Most Boho House on Earth

We’re kind of in love.

There are a variety of styles in which you can choose to establish your home’s design and theme. While some are drawn to the mid-century modern or contemporary styles, other folks prefer a more minimalist and boho look. And the latter is what this New York home listed on TikTok account @listedbyserhant achieved with their stunning home.

If you’re into the boho meets minimalism theme, you’ll want to take a look at this gorgeous house — they completely embodied the style!

Not only is this the most boho house we’ve ever seen, it’s absolutely gorgeous! There are so many beautiful features within this space that infatuates us! For starters, we love how the home has fish ponds both inside and outside the home, overlooks the mountains, has minimal décor and features, the ceiling looks like “Mother Earth’s rib cage,” and how it’s primarily surrounded by tall trees. Additionally, we love how this home embodies the idea of “biophilia,” in which they described the term as perfectly capturing the homeowners' love of the Earth.

We’re not the only ones stunned by this gorgeous boho home, many folks in the comment section are understandably just as enthralled — we’re in love with this upstate NY space!

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