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New Dad Gets Emotional over a Bonsai Tree

Honestly, we get it.

Becoming a new parent is not only exciting and emotional for the mother-to-be but also for the dads. As dads play an equally important role in their kids' lives. And having a cool and invested dad makes everything so much better, such as this dad who spray paints cereal characters on the kitchen cabinets for his kids. 

Speaking of new and cool dads, TikTok mom Bishop Briggs (@bishopbriggs) shares a beautiful moment with her husband and their newborn in nature. And trust me, it will melt your heart.

Those bonsai trees are certainly pretty!

He's like,

"I love small trees. I love bonsai trees."

His reaction is so sweet and so relatable.

He told his wife,

"I don't know if I just haven't slept enough or what's going on but this is a special life moment seeing this many bonsai trees in one place."

After she told him how sweet he is. 

Being a new parent certainly comes with a bundle of new emotions and sleep deprivation, but also excitement and anxiety that even the smallest and purest beings - such as bonsai trees - can spark a reaction of waterworks. 

But can we blame him? 

I am not a parent but I am super emotional. I always cry when I see videos involving babies or pets. 

And TikTok agreed. The video received over 45K likes and the comments were overflowing with sweet mentions.

One person wrote,

"Too pure for this earth."

Another TikToker posted,

"Oh. This touched me. Thank you both. Seeing men being emotional and vulnerable is so important."

Yes, indeed.

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