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Woman Makes Her Decorative Pinecones Look “Snowy” With the Help of Borax

Yes, the Borax!
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It’s officially time to bust out all of the Christmas decor, string lights, put our trees up, hang ornaments, and create our own DIY holiday decor. Some of the most sought after looks during the holiday season is adding a white snow dusting to things such as trees, miniature winter wonderlands, wreaths, and pinecones!

Adding a snow dusting to things can be quite tricky and extremely messy. Typical fake snow sprays and powders cost a fortune and often are sold out in stores. DIYer @stephanielott3 posted to TikTok a Christmas snow dusting hack that we wish we would've known a little bit sooner!

This hack will really only work on smaller items you wish to give a snow look, but it is so helpful and genius! To make the fake snow creation the woman first boils a very large pot of water, once it reaches a rapid boil she adds in an entire box of Borax. Once the Borax dissolves the woman then brings the water back to a boil, turns the burner off and lets the solution cool completely. When the liquid has cooled she drops her pine cones in the solution and makes sure they are coated on all sides. By the time they dry completely the pinecones have a thick coat of crystal white “snow” on them.

This idea is genius and would look gorgeous as a Christmas table centerpiece! 

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