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Upgrade Your Plain Wrapping Paper With This Easy Fun Hack

So easy and cute

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The Christmas season is in full swing and if you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, thankfully you still have quite some time to cross a few things off your shopping list. Of course if you’re choosing to give gifts to your family and friends, it’s important to remember to pick up some wrapping paper as well!

But if you’d rather go the more natural or sustainable route as opposed to buying seasonable wrapping paper, then using brown paper bags that you get from the grocery store will work just as well. However, if you still prefer the idea of decorated paper, we have a few easy ways you can upgrade your brown paper bags, courtesy of TikTok content creator @rosemaryfairy.

To easily customize this brown paper bag wrapping paper, all you really have to do is be creative! We love how she upgraded the “sad, beige Christmas” wrapping paper by using thrifted antique cookie cutters dipped in paint to stamp the paper, as well as how she added baby’s breath plants, orange slices and cinnamon sticks to ribbon to tie around the gift.

These thrifty and crafty customizations are not only cute, but are also frugal and great for creative individuals who want to go the more sustainable route this holiday season.

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