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This Ikea Hack Will Have Your Dressers Looking Bougie On a Budget

It looks amazing!

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If you need a good base for a quick and easy home DIY, where do you usually turn to? If you said Ikea, then join the club. Honestly, I have extolled the virtues of this big box store to pretty much everyone I’ve come across, and can you blame me? You can use bookshelves to create under-bed storage units or take a leap and make some super creative accessories on the cheap!

Well, today I have yet another Ikea ‘hack’ for you that will allow you to create bougie dressers on a budget, all thanks to Lauren from the FurnitureFlipping channel over on TikTok!


For this hack, you are going to want to run, not walk, to your local Ikea and try and find some unfinished shelving units, which are usually even cheaper than the usual ones. I suggest something like Ikea’s 3-drawer, pinewood Rast, which is a great base for this DIY.

Once you’ve gotten your chosen piece, or pieces, home, you will want to sand it down lightly, just to give the next step in the process something to grip onto. After that is all done, get yourself some textured wallpaper - Lauren chose a really cool lace-ish pattern with some bold, but clean, texture. Apply that to any flat surfaces, such as the top or sides, and allow it to adhere completely.

Following that step, you’re going to want to give everything a good coat of paint. Lauren uses a paint sprayer, which obviously you can do as well, but spray paint would probably work just as well. Tape off the areas you don’t want paint to get to so you can still show off that underlying pine, and try going with a neutral yet complimentary color to the underlying wood.

Allow everything to try, and voila - an absolutely gorgeous furniture piece for a fraction of the price!

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