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Couple’s Bounce-House Photo Booth Is Perfect For Casual Outdoor Weddings

Brides-to-be: Take notes!

We know the wedding planning process can be stressful, even leading up to the day of the event. We get it. You want to make sure your special day is memorable in the best way; not only for you, but for your guests as well. So it’s important to make sure the music is great, the food is delicious and of course, the photos are perfect.

Of course you can always hire a photographer to capture every moment of your special day, but for those couples who also want more of a fun, unique and laid-back vibe documenting their wedding day, then check out this perfect wedding inspiration courtesy of TikTok account @slowmotionentertainment. Clearly, bounce houses are not just for kids!



Umm if we were having a wedding, we’d definitely do this! This is such a genius idea and perfect for a wedding. You could be experiencing a stressed out moment at your wedding, but as soon as you step into the bouncy house, it’ll completely upgrade your mood. Besides that, we love that it captures every one in their true character at that moment. And the slow motion capture makes it even better. Looking at the comments, people love this non-quintessential idea, too! “I’m getting married again just to have this,” TikTok user @sammiebakescakes wrote. “Best photo booth ever!” @thatsonyou13 commented. “Omg!!! Looks like so much fun!!” @jessy7201 wrote.

Okay, brides-to-be, are we all in agreement that this slow motion photo booth is an absolute must at your wedding? If so, please tag us!