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Mom Converts Box Into the Most Epic Playhouse Ever

Um can we move in?

Many of us have fond memories of our parents going out of their way to do something special for us when we were children. Or maybe it was a neighbor or teacher, but whoever it was, it was someone who inspired and encouraged us.

And there is just something oh-so-special about these bonds. The memories we made will stay with us for a lifetime, especially when those memories are something as cool as the epic kid’s playhouse this woman made for her kiddos entirely out of cardboard boxes!


You will probably not believe your eyes when it comes to the super crafty cardboard playhouse that TikTok creator Zwyczajnie made for her toddler. Just go ahead and throw out any ideas or thoughts your have in your head of something simple and uncomplicated, those boxes that just get thrown together or, if there is a little extra time, maybe have some cute drawings on the side.

No, this creator took it not one, not a few, but several steps over the limit and made a truly epic playhouse. She starts off with a simple, if large box, and it only evolves from there. There is a smaller door in the front, the entire back half opens up with swinging bay doors, and there are multiple windows with clear plastic in the place of glass.

And that isn’t all! There are lights added on the inside, shingles added to the roof, and even individual bricks carved into the sides of the house! Heck, there is even a chimney at the top, though we would say it is safe to believe that it isn’t actually functional (we hope!)

Now, we have to admit that there are a lot of kiddos out there that would probably destroy this in five minutes, or less, so we think we will just admire the work and dedication that went into this from afar!