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Boyfriend Expertly Organizes GF's Desk Because It 'Gets Messy' When She's Sad

This is an incredible example of someone who speaks love languages fluently.

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We hear a lot of folks complaining about their partner's inability to show up for them when needed. This is absolutely not one of those cases. In fact, one boyfriend is upping the ante out there for all partners by attentively showing up for his girlfriend in a way that is as thoughtful as it is helpful.

There are those of us out there who really struggle with depression, and for these folks, daily functioning can get hard. TikToker Jon (@itsjonemily) noticed when his girlfriend Emily is in a depressive state, she tends to let her desk/makeup area get a little messy. In order to help her keep things tidy, Jon took it upon himself to get her organized and dang he went the extra mile.


Not only did he buy little organizational bins to help keep her drawers neat, he looked up what her products do in order to make sure they were categorized properly.  He wipes it down and even adds a vanity mirror in a later video to make sure she is getting the best use she can out of the space. He even bought her a Lego flower set that they can build together and will never wilt.

A little consideration can go a long way. Remember y'all: If they want to they will