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Family Shares Secret to Building a Magical “Branch Gate”

This looks like a fairytale cottage.

There are places in this world filled with whimsy and wonder. Shaded paths and long walks into forested spaces that speak to something deep within us that wants to reconnect with the world around us. And sometimes there are those of us who live in those places who somehow manage to live in harmony with our surroundings, who can somehow balance nature with their own need to live and survive.

Often this results in something beautiful, almost fairy-like, and we have to show our appreciation for those in such balance, such as one family who is showing off exactly how they use the world around them to help create various pieces for their home and garden.


Avigail’s family is blessed to be surrounded by a thick section of woods, meaning she has tons of access to a lot of natural raw material for whatever they can use it for. And sure a lot of it may go to the wood pile to be thrown into the fireplace during winter, but there are many other things they can use it for as well.

One of those things is in the use of ‘driftwood’ art, which is essentially taking old pieces of wood that have been cast off, often naturally, and transforming them into something else. We have seen others take driftwood and create beautiful mini statues or carved them into stunning replicas of living animals.

But Avigail and her family have recently decided to take some and use it to create a beautiful arched gateway for their homestead. In fact, at first glance, their ‘gate’ looks stunning and we wouldn’t have believed they had made it themselves if we hadn’t walked through each and every step along with them, which you can see for yourself in the video.

Now, this family doesn't just use the driftwood and fallen logs to make archways and gates, you can also see benches, handrails, and more scattered throughout their property. It helps really bring a sense of something natural, something at peace with the world around them, which creates that beautiful woodland, fairy-like atmosphere that so many of us crave.