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Woman Transforms Concrete Porch With Brick

Taking notes!

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You might think you can't do much with your good ol' porch, but you'd be surprised. Some people decide to paint their porches, and others basically create a brick road with theirs.

Such as TikTok creator Kelly Bazzle, who decided to use bricks to upgrade her porch and the results are stunning. Let's check it out!

Wow! It looks so good!

As you can see in the video, Kelly used thin web sheets of old mill bricks in the color "Olympus." Each box comes with 60 bricks and five sheets, and one box will cover about 87 square feet. So before you order the bricks, make sure you measure the area first, so you know how many you'll need.

She first prepped the porch by cleaning it and then laid out the bricks to see how they'd fit, as some of them had to be cut in half. Once that was done, she applied thin-set mortar and let it dry. 

The next step required her to apply the sealant, and after that dried, she started grouting them with a sealer. She did the float method because she wanted them to have a worn and softer look. After the grout dried, she just wiped everything clean, and that's it. 

You can probably get everything you need at Home Depot or Lowe's.

The DIYers on TikTok loved it too.

One person (@nctumbleweed68) wrote,

"Looks good."

Indeed, it does.

Another TikToker (@julietmgalvan) asked,

"Okay, but how many boxes did you use? Cause I just found it @ $140/box."

That's a good question!

And TikToker @merrymaryht commented,

"Looks amazing!."

I agree!

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