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Bride-to-Be Shares Genius Wedding Reception Hack Every Bride Should Know About

Calling all 2022 brides...

Wedding planning can be stressful, especially if you’re having a big wedding. From finding the perfect venue and the tastiest food to accommodate your guests, to making sure your music playlist will keep people entertained and on their feet, there’s a lot that goes in to ensuring your day goes as smoothly as possible. Of course, when accommodating others, it’s easy to forget about the two most important people on your special day - you and your spouse. Thankfully though, there’s a hack for that!

TikTok user and bride-to-be @jimmithebride, shared this genius reception hack that will for sure make sure you and your partner are guaranteed to find each other in-between entertaining and conversing with your guests. It’s so easy, I’m not sure how we didn’t think of this before!


This is such a great idea! Regardless if you created your own playlist via your music app on your phone or if you’ve hired a DJ, this hack will make sure you will both create some beautiful memories on the dance floor. We love this hack and so does everyone else in the comments! “Our friends did that at their wedding. And their energy and joy literally for those songs drew everyone to dance with them!” @jhonessarae commented. Another user @2mjarps21 backed up how great this hack is by writing “My husband and I did this!! Best thing ever! We loved it.” TikTok user @ms.briannachloe wrote “This is a great idea!!! Definitely going to be doing this.”

Seriously, this idea is so perfect for every wedding reception and it clearly works. Plus, one less thing to stress about regarding your big day.