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Man’s Proposal Would Make Lady Whistledown Swoon

Talk about an IRL fairytale

There were quite a few shows that came out during quarantine that took the social media world by storm— one of them being “Bridgerton.” The popular Netflix series involves the eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family looking for love during the Regency era in London.

Given the drama and romance of the fan-favorite series, it’s no surprise that many people quickly binged the show. However, one fan in particular, @tanveermufasa, not only tuned in, but shaped his proposal to his girlfriend around the series and the proposal was so beautiful that it looked like it came straight from a scene of the hit show!


This proposal was so sweet and thoughtful considering how both of them are fans of the show. I mean, I know everyone in attendance at the “Bridgeton Experience” event all got the chance to experience the special moments of the show, but his girlfriend left the event as a fiancée after he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him while dancing in the middle of the dance floor. So special and sweet!

As expected, the comment section of the viral video was filled with plenty of love and support! “The way she suddenly stopped spinning, a scene right out of the show!! Congratulations,” @ladymarie223 wrote. "The diamond gave his diamond a diamond,” @weddingaestheticsyay shared.

Anyone else excited to see what the wedding will look like besides me?

What a beautiful moment and congratulations to the soon-to-be bride and groom