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Watch This Woman Match Her Wall with Her Bright-Colored Shelves

What a colorful difference it makes!

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We all know a pop of color can make a huge difference in someone's home but also mood. That's why accent walls are so popular these days. Sometimes all you need is a template and a sharpie like this TikToker did to create her accent wall. 

But have you ever heard of color block walls? No? Well, TikToker @honeyidressedthepug shows us how it's done, and how it compliments the rest of her colorful apartment.


This looks so cute! If you watched this TikToker's other videos, you can see that her entire apartment is unique, colorful, and retro-inspired. Where even the furniture matches the wall paint, as these shelves do - which are from the brand "Curious."

All she did was create some blocks with painter's tape, paint them in these colors, let them dry, and then add the shelves. Genius! It certainly is an accent wall but also a color block wall since the entire wall isn't painted, just parts. What would also work and look cool, is turning the wall into an actual accent wall by creating a checkered wall in different colors - such as the same colors used for the color blocks - and then adding the shelves. 

Honestly, if you love color, and retro, and feel inspired, you can turn this idea into any DIY project your heart desires. And if you need more inspo, her channel is a great source.