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Gardener Shares Brilliant Tool That Makes Aloe Vera Cutting So Easy And We're Impressed

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One of the best things about aloe vera plants is that they’re easy to grow. Even better, once you establish a maintenance schedule with them and it’s growing beautifully, you can start using the aloe leaves and reap the healthy and beauty benefits of the amazing plant. While the plant is pretty minimal when it comes to caring for it, perhaps the only difficult part of aloe vera is how to properly cut it to ensure you get all of the gel. It can sometimes be a bit of a hassle trying to cut it perfectly to avoid doing more work than necessary.

That’s where TikTok gardener @plantedinthegarden comes in saves the day again with another gardening tip, this time showing us how this handy tool makes takes the struggle out of cutting the leaves of the beneficial plant and let me tell you, it’s a game changer!


Do you see how easy it was to slice open the aloe vera leaf? As much we use aloe vera in my home, this is something we need. Apparently the blades stay sharp, ensuring a clean cut every single time you use it to slice the leaf in half and remove the gel with great precision. And the oval cuts on the blade reduces friction and keeps slices from sticking to the blade. 

Considering how we use it in our hair as a leave-in moisturizer, on our face as a face mask, and can make aloe vera juice (seriously, this staple plant’s benefits are endless) I’m adding it to my Amazon cart today!

We’re excited to try this knife and finally be able to use all of the plant’s gel, rather than only what we can get!

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