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Woman Revives Broken Lamp and TBH It Looks Prettier Than Before

There is a metaphor for loving broken things somewhere in here...

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We often consider lamps just another part of the ambiance of our rooms. Sure we can pick out a nice one, or maybe DIY something to make it match our aesthetic, but what if you had one that was broken? Most of us would see a damaged lamp and just toss it out, maybe head out and buy a new one, but what if there was an alternative?

Well, one creator over on TikTok has taken the time, and effort, to put back together her own broken lamp and we are living for the results.


Jane Taylor shares with her viewers that she, rather unfortunately, wound up breaking her brand new lamp only about fifteen minutes after bringing it home. And it was such a pretty lamp too! Jade green and simple, but we can already see how it would have looked perfect for her house.

But instead of just chucking the leftovers in trash, Jane sat down and ever so carefully managed to glue everything back together. It gets to a place where everything has fit back together quite nicely, but those cracks are still incredibly visible and the glue inside still poking out just a bit.

However, Jane didn’t leave it there. Instead, she got some gold leafing and started running over each of the now-sealed cracks, mimicking a look called kintsugi. This technique is of Japanese inspiration and essentially means to take something broken, like a vase or lamp, mix some gold with your sealant, then repair it. The idea is to emphasis the journey from broken to repaired, whole but with a history, and the end result is absolutely stunning.

And as one TikTok’er commented (and we find to be a beautiful metaphor for this entire piece), it truly is all about the effort you put into repairing something that is broken that really shows not only what it meant to you, but also how far you are willing to go to fix it.