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Upcycle Your Broken Planter Pot With This Super Cute Hack

Don't get rid of that broken planter just yet...

As a plant parent, the worst thing that can happen is when you’ve done your best but one of your plants doesn’t make it. Possibly, coming in second place of the worst things that can happen to your plant babies, is when your favorite planter breaks.

Sure, you can try to repair it, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out in the best way. However, rather than throw it away, TikTok plant enthusiast @plantsgardening789 shared this beautiful plant hack that can potentially help you salvage what’s left of your broken planter!


This is so genius! It’s such a beautiful and unique way to still hold onto your beloved broken planter. It’s especially perfect for succulent plants which are typically low-maintenance, which makes this hack even better since you won’t have to bother it too much and it can sit beautifully on your porch or in your kitchen.

Viewers in the comments are in love with this plant hack as much as we are, too! “Looks beautiful, it is going to hold water properly. Plus the succulents on the side are being forced to grow against in the wrong orientation,” @iraajkumar shared. “Creative idea! Love it!” @marcoreviews.vegan wrote. “Beautiful! I want one,” @jacksong375 commented. “Very unique, very creative, very beautiful. Well done,” @ricoray369 wrote.

We’re loving this idea! It’s so easy that anyone can do this and it doesn’t require much of any other tools. What a gorgeous way to upcycle!