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Mom’s Genius Hack Keeps Kids From Dumping Bubbles All Over the Backyard

Definitely doing this with our kiddos!

There’s something about bubbles that fascinates little kids, especially toddlers. As parents, we love seeing our kids happy and smiling and bubbles undoubtedly has the power to bring out the best of moods in our babies. The only downside to our kids playing with bubbles, is it can get messy and spill everywhere, which means both a sticky cleanup and shorter play time with our children.

Thankfully though, TikTok mom @painted_chicken shared a perfect hack to avoid the messy cleanup and can guarantee our kids can enjoy their bubbles even longer!


How genius is this mom hack?! We love that the kids can still play with the bubbles, while us parents don’t have to be concerned about accidental spills and messy cleanups. All she did was use packaging tape to attach the bubbles to her patio banister and that’s it! And what happens if you run low on bubbles? Simply use a funnel to help with refilling the bottles with more solution. So simple!

Viewers in the comments love this genius mom hack! “The concept is brilliant,” TikTok use @wolviex commented. “That is so smart. Those are always spilled with it 5 minutes of opening,” @fancifulmind wrote. “HEY.... how’d you know I needed this?” @looking4today wrote. “Definitely going to try this!” @00life237 wrote.

We love a simple mom hack and can’t wait to use this with our littles this summer!